A successful event is more than just choosing the best catering, planning the best program, and executing the most effective marketing campaign. There’s one factor that requires as much attention: the. One of the biggest aspects that affect the overall experience of your attendees is the lack of parking space at the venue. Besides that, there’s also the case of managing traffic around the venue’s surrounding area. As an event organizer in Singapore, how exactly can you manage the problem of parking and traffic?


Hiring a valet service

If you want to impress your guests, hiring a valet service can do the trick. The guests will be amazed to see an attendant to take care of their vehicle and parking space. Also, it adds class and elegance to your event. It’s like making them feel like a VIP.

Why would this impress your guests? First and foremost, you’re taking a huge burden on them. There’s no need for them to find a parking space! The valet will do the job for them. Second, it saves time. With a valet in service, the guests can simply leave their car in the hands of the attendant and head on to the event with no fuss.

The next step is finding a reliable valet service. If you’re going to hire a valet, here are some things that you should consider:


Seek advice

There are tons of event services in Singapore that have experienced hiring a valet service. Since word-of-mouth reputation is still viable in this day and age, you can seek advice from other event companies. This way, you can find out which valet service in Singapore is the most reliable based on the experience of other event organisers.


Price equals quality

You’ll always get what you pay for. While this saying doesn’t apply to everything, this can be said in the car parking business. The quality of services provided by a valet is determined by the price they offer. For example, cheaper deals might mean their staff is equipped with low-tier experience and standard training. On the other hand, more expensive valets could mean their firm possesses more experience, better training, and quality management.



Parking vehicles might seem like an easy enough job, but accidents can strike at any time. This is where insurance comes into play. Find out if the valet service properly covers their staff with insurance. If the operators aren’t fully insured, you could be held personally liable for the damage done in the case of an accident. Seek a valet service that provides their staff with insurance coverage


Traffic Management

Now that parking is taken care of, all that’s left is the issue of managing traffic. The severity of traffic depends on where your venue is located and the number of guests that you invited.

If your venue is located in a quaint area where there is less traffic, then there’s not much work to be done. On the other hand, if your venue is located in a bustling city where heavy traffic is prominent, then traffic management should be a priority.

No matter the venue, take precautions to manage the traffic. You could hire an event traffic management team to do the work for you. What exactly can they do to help?


Implement traffic systems

In places where traffic can be confusing, the need to implement traffic systems is required. A traffic system helps minimise the negative impact of your venue to the locals surrounding the area. This also makes sure that the areas surrounding your venue won’t cause much traffic to those passing by.


Provide logistics

Assessing the situation before anything goes out of place is the core of managing traffic. To keep your event problem-free from traffic, let a management team take care of the logistics.  They’ll set up contingencies whenever problems may arise during the time of your event.

With all that’s covered, remember to take note of these two keywords: parking and traffic. Secure a convenient parking area for your guests, have their vehicles covered, and let a team take care of traffic. Once all is said and done, your event can surely be a success because there will be less reason for delays.

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