Tired of Ribbon Cutting Opening Ceremonies? Share Your Business Narrative with Projection Mapping Today

By April 17, 2020Blog

Are you just about ready to launch your brand new business? If so, you need to make a memorable opening event to get your business off to a healthy start and generate enthusiasm within your community. A good opening ceremony in Singapore is a statement that shows how much hard work and effort you have exerted into making your business a reality, while the traditional ribbon-cutting never goes out of style, it is imperative to go outside the box in order to make a grand statement about the opening of your business.

Forget indoor presentations, let us take it literally outside. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, videographers, advertisers and events planning companies in Singapore can now produce amazing graphic images that can be displayed on virtually anything.  From the side of a building to the inside of a convention centre, projection mapping can transform a plain surface into a wall of wonder. Projection mapping is one certain way to make a grand statement in your opening ceremony.


What Is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping uses technology to project objects onto a surface. Using this kind of special technology, everyday objects are transformed into a display surface for video projection. These objects could be as complex as an entire landscape, or as simple as just a few shapes that help to enhance the ambience of a room.

Unlike flat screen mapping, the objects are not just projected onto a flat surface, they are designed to wrap around buildings and mould into their shape, turning common objects into interactive 3D displays.


How Does Projection-Mapping Work?

By using a pre-production process during which images are fitted onto a 3D graphic model of the building, the same images appear to wrap themselves around the physical features of any structure. They give the appearance of being painted on and part of the same structure even though they are not.

This process can also be used on a smaller scale by events companies, depending on the likings of the clients, such as projecting virtual images on anything from a mannequin to a car to completely change their colour, structure and appearance.


Why Is Projection Mapping So Cool?

Creatives love projection mapping, and the event industry, in particular, has picked up on the uber-cool environments that can be created using this unique tool. From expensive and complex advertising campaigns to simple but effective projections used at conventions and product launches, projection mapping is huge in advertising and promotions right now.

You can transform any space into something otherworldly and awe-inspiring simply by having a creative team of projection mapping professionals create a projection just for your opening ceremonies and other events going forward. From dancing butterflies on a wall, real-life dinosaurs on the escalator and even huge works of art projected onto city landmarks, projection mapping completely changes the way we view our surroundings.

Projection mapping has fully evolved since its first outings in the early 2000s when it was used to project visual-art and enhance live-music shows. It can now be used by events companies to incorporate the telling of entire business narratives, by using animated visuals and music to produce cinema-style action and direction. Projection mapping can turn buildings, walls, floors and even common objects into something truly magical.


Opening ceremony: share your business’ narrative with projection mapping

Pulling-off a fantastic groundbreaking ceremony in Singapore will help launch your business into a success, one great way is by telling your business’ humble beginnings, mission and vision, and product/services with aesthetically pleasing visuals with projection mapping.

If you are looking for an event planning company in Singapore to achieve this kind of opening ceremony, visit our website and let our team of experts help you have a perfect business launching today.