Things You Should Know Before Hosting Events with VIP Guests

By April 13, 2020Blog

Featuring a famous name or an important person as an event keynote speaker raises the visibility and public interest in your event. As we all know, VIPs are very important people, they have busy schedules and so it is already considered as an achievement for event organizers in Singapore to land one as a guest.

However, the benefits of having an event with a big name also require extra planning. We are talking about very important people at your event, that would mean that your opening ceremonies, conferences, product launches, and special events would turn into a groundbreaking ceremony. Hence, careful attention both to the event and for the safety and well-being of the VIPs and your attendees is important. Here are the 4 things you should know before hosting events with VIP guests.


Choose and Prepare Your Staff Well

Good event staff are the backbone of a well-executed event. The staff you pick should have a clear strategy of handling attendees and your VIP guests. Evaluating potential staff for their professionalism and ability to communicate clearly and efficiently, your ideal staff must be detail-oriented that ask a lot of questions but speak slowly, and are calm and courteous.

Once you have found good staff and have trained them well, invest in them so they stick around with you for many more groundbreaking ceremonies in Singapore to come. Respect them as we do by paying them above the average. Respect them by making them a part of the team. Respect them by rolling up your sleeves and chipping in to help even if it is not your job to do so.

Make sure everyone knows how to check guests in quickly, add guests, edit guests, reorganize columns by name or company, and all the ins and outs that they may need to deal with situations on the fly. Establish clear procedures and a chain of command so your team can support each other when things look like they’re going to get messy. You can do this by designating an event captain. Choose one person to be event captain, who will oversee the check-in crew, spot bottlenecks, reallocate resources, and jump in to alleviate confusion. If you have a large corporate event in  Singapore, consider designating an event captain for each guest group, so each captain focuses on general admission, VIPs, media, and so on.


Enhance Your Security Team

Depending on where you are hosting your corporate event, you could have a large presence of members of the public. It will be important to outline any security protocols and prepare your staff to make it through security checkpoints. Some VIPs travel with their own security entourage, others will rely on the event staff to handle any potential disturbance. Coordinate with your VIPs’ team to ensure entrance and exit points to the VIP’s location are secured in a way that they are comfortable.

Make sure your security team is clearly passive and embedded in the background of the check-in area unless needed. Give clear instructions on how, and when, they contribute, to both make it easier for them and the rest of your team, but also to smooth out the experience for any guests who might need extra security attention.


Make a Long-Lasting Impression

Remember VIP guests are the life and heart of your event, it is just as important as to please your audience to make a good impression because VIPs are not easily acquired even by the best event services in Singapore, and so you have to create first impressions through a proper welcoming.

Start with the most basic of things. Walk down the entire space from beginning to the end as though you were a guest arriving. Visualize where they will go, what they will do. Ask questions: where will guests arrive? How is the flow of the room? Are there any arresting sounds or smells that influence other senses? And most importantly, where will there be bottlenecks and how can you keep them to a minimum?

Evaluate the placement of hotspots like a coat check, a help desk, the check-in attendant closest to the entrance, and so on. Pile-ups in any of these areas, even if the rest of the check-in is moving slowly, can cause people to block the entrance and force movement to a crawl.Also, there are guests that are greeted at the airport before the event even begins, you can also utilize this to make a long-lasting impression already.


Seek Assistance From Local Law Enforcement

You could never be too careful. Notify the local police of your VIP’s planned appearance. They can help identify any local person or group that might cause a problem and will keep you informed of any potential threats such as a planned demonstration. Local police will also assist with crowd control if needed. Even if you do not think a VIP’s appearance is likely to cause a disturbance, best event service practices dictate that you let the local police know of a dignitary’s presence in their jurisdiction.


Events With VIPs Just Need To Be More Smooth and Secured

Although every event is different, these things in this guide are what works for big events such as galas to product launches, and brand campaigns to afterparties.  At its core, having a well-prepared staff, a top-tier security team, a proper welcome, and extra precautions are universal things everyone should practice for events with big names and important people. 

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