Organising an event is one thing, but inviting your guests is another. While you exert enough effort into your organisational planning and resources, it’s vital to focus on your invitational designs as well. Designing a well-thought invitational card provides your guests with an impression of your event’s theme and atmosphere.

Through creative planning and processing, you can put enough effort on your invitation designs that will bode well for your event. There are thousands of creative designs you can think of. Right now, we will focus on providing you with helpful tips that will spice up your event in one way or another.


Know your event’s theme

The theme of your event should dictate how you’d want your overall design to look like. For example, classy events should encourage you to pick formal designs that lean towards a minimalistic approach. On the other hand, a casual event can encourage you to go all-out by being as abstract as possible, giving you more opportunities to explore your creativity.

Knowing the theme should set the plan straight by guiding you in a clearer direction. Elaborate your event’s theme then decide how your invitational designs should look like.


Typography is everything

While colours and layouts are sometimes the main focus of every designer, typography plays a huge role in providing effective presentation. The font style and size of the letterings add a layer of depth to your invitation. It sets off an impression of your event, depending on the typographical design.

Arranging the letters and fonts is fairly easy to learn, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. With the right planning, your typographical design should add flavour to your invitational cards’ design.


Smooth and sharp colouring

Modern designs are usually composed of neutral colours that are easy but also powerful to the eyes. Different shades of black, grey, brown, and blue add an element of surprise to the viewer, but are still relaxing. It’s all about the balance between shades to appear smooth and sharp to the eyes of the viewer.

Pick the colours that suit your event’s theme. Focus on balancing the right shades to create enough contrast between each colour. Be creative and add your own style to the table by mixing and matching different shades. Just remember to understand the definition of balance and contrast before you can mend or break the rules.


Go outside the box

With so many creative designs to choose from, there are endless possibilities to portray. Go outside the box and think of other creative designs that could suit your event. For example, an invitation card that resembles a passport is both fun and engaging to have! It’s a creative way to impress your guests. It also adds a bit of sentimental value, encouraging the guests to keep the card.

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