Now that your company has a new product, you should market its hype and release. To do so, planning a product launching event in the heart of Singapore should be your next step. This will result in generating sales, raising brand awareness, and gathering potential customers or clients.

Conducting corporate events here in Singapore is rewarding but only if it’s done right. To properly bring a product launching event to life, cover different aspects of marketing to utilise both digital and physical platforms. This means you should invest in digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, and social media management tools.

Plan ahead as soon as possible to make your strategies come to life and your product launching event will become successful!

Know how to launch your product with a corporate event with the guide presented below:


Plan in advance

Plan your corporate event 2 to 3 months in advance to determine which date is perfect. Observe weather forecasts and see if the date you have in mind is safe for a corporate event. Sunny or cloudy days are ideal, but if rain is imminent, either choose a venue that’s indoors or set up outdoor tents to protect guests from the rain.

Also, as much as possible, avoid holidays that might affect your guests’ attendance. Speaking of guests, who should you invite to your event? Consider the following:

Corporate executives

Press and media representatives

General public

Host and speakers

Part of planning is covering all details which include logistics. Choose a venue where you’d like the event to be hosted.  Think about the parking space of the venue since most guests will probably arrive with their vehicles. Consider the traffic as well since this could hinder attendance.


Giving the consumer a reason to go

Inviting your guests may be fairly easy to do, but it’s giving them a reason to attend that’s difficult. In this case, what makes your new product worth seeing anyway?

Consider the consumer’s point of view. Reach out to them and give them a reason to come. Don’t just tell a story about your product; find a way to address their needs with your new product.

Address their needs in different mediums in both digital and physical advertising platforms. This is where marketing your product before the event takes place is important. Reach out to your audience with networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

To market your product before and during the event, don’t just focus on the message itself, but on who’ll deliver it. Consider hiring a local celebrity, spokesperson, or influencer who can connect with your audience more. Adding something else other than the product itself will attract more guests overall.


Post-event: Building momentum

Even before the event hasn’t finished yet, plan ahead different strategies that will continue to build momentum to find out more about your target audience. Once specific people start to see potential in your product, you’ll be able to discover your target audience in return. Follow up with the target audience and communicate with them.

Invest in post-product launch materials with the help of public relations via press releases, social media, and print advertising. This way, you’ll communicate with your target audience and follow up with more details regarding your product.

The product launch event is just the beginning. Where’ll you go from there is what counts, so continue to deliver hype by releasing promotional materials and communicate with your target audience. Soon, you’ll realise your product will become a staple on the market.

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