Besides offering entertainment for your guests, safety is the number one priority above all.  As an event organizer in Singapore, your duty is to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Anything can go wrong when you least expect it, so it’s wise to prioritise safety.

Hiring a security team is just the beginning. Besides that, there’s more to the term “security”. To keep your venue safe, keeping your guests feeling secure isn’t enough. You have to know they’re 100% secured in case of emergencies.


Choosing a venue

The location of your event will determine the level of safety. Think about where your venue is located and how the safety of your guests is affected.

First, think about non-human threats that might affect the venue such as chances of flooding, wild animals nearby, or protection from rainy weather.

Second, think about the venue itself. Is it going to be held outdoors or indoors? An outdoor venue is much harder to secure but has more escape routes. On the other hand, an indoor venue is tightly secured with added protection from outside threats, but it has fewer escape routes.


Calculate the risks

Every situation calls for different tactics. In this case, your level of security depends on the importance of your event. For example, an A-list celebrity’s promotional event is much riskier than a simple corporate gathering.

Be aware of the risks that could affect the event itself by noting down these questions into consideration:

Who are the guests? Are they important individuals who could attract trouble?

Who will host the event? Are they high-value targeted individuals?

Is the event serious or light in tone? Example: A serious event could be a politically fueled gathering, while a lightly toned event could be a simple party.

In general, anything or anyone that could attract unwanted attention or controversy can be considered a risk. Avoid taking any chances by securing your event depending on the theme, guests, and hosts. This way, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.


Monitor the event in real time

Part of security measures is observing everything that’s happening at the moment. This is to ensure your security staff is prepared to prevent and respond to possible threats. To do this, place security cameras all around the venue to keep a close eye on everything that’s happening.

It’s wise to place your cameras in secluded or hidden locations. This could catch potential troublemakers in the act while they think they’re safe. Just remember to make sure the cameras are able to survey 100% of the venue. Covering all grounds is essential, especially escape routes in case of emergencies.


Set up checkpoints

A security checkpoint is placed in certain areas around the venue to invite or prevent certain guests from accessing a designated location. There are areas that are only accessible for high-valued members or event staff only, so make sure they’re placed with checkpoints.

Also, match the identification of the guests with registration information. Make sure those who are attending the event have confirmed identities, Request ID cards of any kind that will support their identity.

Don’t forget to check the guests’ belongings as well. A metal detector is highly recommended but it’s also costly, so you could let the security guards manually check the guests’ belongings instead.


Create a back-up plan

If all else goes wrong, create a back-up plan. Sit with your security team and conduct a proper plan in case of emergencies. Your emergency plan should include all these possible scenarios:

Evacuating an event.

Location of safe areas.

Entry and exit points.

How to communicate with staff.

Keep everyone safe in case of an active shooter.

Ensure your plan tackles any possible scenario. You’ll need it whenever everything fails.


Consider your staff

It’s your job to ensure the credibility of your staff. Carefully screen your staff to make sure they have no malicious intent whatsoever. Run background checks on everyone included in your staff.


Safety for everyone

The key to providing efficient security is to prevent the unexpected from happening. Responding to threats is always a last resort, so make sure your event is equipped with the right staff, equipment, and technology.. Vigilance is essential, so keep a keen eye as your event is in session.

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