2020 Design Trends You Should Check Out

By March 19, 2020Blog

Event design is the process of executing a vision for an event and then designing all of the visual details that would transform the venue and tie everything together. From the invitations, decorations, activities, and theme, everything must be consistent throughout. Once achieved, a consistent design would be the byproduct of a good event planning.


Consistency may be the key in event design but being able to keep up with the trend is another game-changer for event services in Singapore. Trends are critical to the design industry as it changes very often as every year and being able to follow on what is what and what is hip is considered not only as strategic but also innovative.


Before the first quarter of the year 2020 comes through, here are this year’s top five design trends for strategic and innovative corporate events.


1. Interactive Activities

Event planners discovered a none secret fact over the years of managing events. No one likes an event without dynamics the same way that no one likes to sit in a boring lecture hall for hours. When attendees commit to an event, what they remember the most is not the knowledge that they gained but the experiences they have made.


Creating interactive events do not only entertains guests or attendees, but it gives them long-lasting memories as customer experience that you can utilise to forge real and valuable connections with your patrons.


2. Digitalised Concepts

There was a time that “digital” is mere features of an event that excite people, making them go “Ooh,” and “Aah”. Hence, many private or small businesses events have slowly integrated digitalised features as a whole concept. In the year 2019, there was an increased integration of event marketing with social media and the tools it provided. Corporate events in Singapore were easily infused with apps that feature seating charts, course menus, automated ticketing, digital guestbooks, maps, vendor listings and so forth.


Digital event features tailored in a single concept make it easy to impress guests, clients, and the audience.


3. Social Open Spaces

Creating an interactive event makes your guests feel important, and custom everything plays into this- even down to the atmosphere created by your layout. Features like social furniture, crowd-responsive lighting, and open lounge spaces will be big in 2020. Again, the trend is shifting from static to dynamic. There will be a lot more focus on utility, versatility, and guest comfort.


People like the feeling that they have choices and can direct their own experiences. You’d be surprised at the difference the right event layout creates.


4. Retro Vibes

While retro’s been a persistent design trend for most of 2018, experts predict that throwback-inspired decor is not over- yet. Instead, designers will use its classic appeal to create new takes on modern design. Retro is art nouveau, it’s art deco, it’s minimalist, it’s hippie chic, it’s Hollywood glam—it’s everything. Retro is going to carry over.


5. Environmental Thinking

Yes, going green was already a popular vibe. But ethically-sourced goods, locally grown foods, and cruelty-free or environmentally low-impact status will continue to be a symbol of quality, class, and, well- being a decent human being. The eco-conscious 2018 Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who requested donations to favourite nonprofits in lieu of wedding gifts, set the tone for a new wave in high-profile social responsibility.


With consumers becoming consistently savvy and businesses more accountable, sustainability is definitely on companies’ radar. It is just business common sense for a company to want to be here on a sustainable planet, in a sustainable way.


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