Corporate events in Singapore and all throughout the world, have changed and grew immensely in the last couple of years. Moreover, corporate events have become more than just a celebration or a party; it is a great way to connect with other entrepreneurs, to have a larger pool of target market audience and supplier reach, which in turns provides you a wider mode of marketing.

In the past, and in the most recent years, events have become more and more creative and it is now incorporating more interactive designs and decor. Since both consumers and businessmen see these events as a bridge to their audience, many corporate events make it a point to upgrade from the usual program and design that they hold. If you want your product launching or office anniversary to be the next talk of the town, you have to make sure that you are serving more than just food and booze at your next corporate event.

To stay on top of the game, here are some of the event design trends that will continue to be in trend this year.

Start with a popping invitation

Attracting your clients, suppliers, and consumers to attend the event starts with the invitation. Augmented Reality (AR) Invitations are quite in trend right now. With the help of a specialized events company, you can design an invitation embedded with AR so your invitees can have a visual representation of what the event will look like. The video shown in the AR, can be a teaser of the event; it will not only be an interesting way to spark their interest, but it will be an invitation that one will always remember.

Seats and Tables

Gone are the days of the usual, boring round table with multiple chairs set up for corporate events. Depending on the theme, and your expected crowd, you can plan for a creative seating solution that can add design value and attractiveness to the whole venue. Seating arrangements are extremely necessary for corporate events. For example, if you want to have a comfy and cozy party, you can have couches and tables, similar to a bar setting; if you want an event which caters some room for dancing and interacting with other people, putting up cocktail tables and chairs will be ideal; and if you are planning to have a formal sit-down conference, the best way is to have the traditional round table setting.

Drapes and Lights and Ceilings

The event’s location is used to be the most important part of an event planning. This is simply because the venue will define the party’s atmosphere. However, in 2019, personalized designs are the next big thing. From the drapes to lighting, down to the flooring and ceiling details, you can incorporate your event’s theme or brand proposition into your venue. You can have a bare event space but utilize customized materials and decorations to make it more unique to the theme of the event. This not only helps to make it feel more personalized but it also leaves a good impression on your guests as the event will come across as well thought of.

Interactive displays & Charging Stations

Long hours of events can drain not only the energy of your guests but also the energy of their gadgets. In the past, some events install charging stations so that their attendees can charge their devices. However, aside from giving them the opportunity to recharge, it is also trending now to have interactive displays on your corporate events. You can use these displays as a tool to market your business through videos and presentations; plus it can be an additional entertainment to your guests.

Stunning Stage Design

Above all, your corporate event should have an impressive stage presence. Large speakers and podiums are quite “old-school” and the concept of stage designs in recent years, has evolved into a larger scale. Adding effects on stage such as 3D Projection Mapping or video mapping for your presentation or program helps to make it more outstanding. Surprise your audience and wow your clients with these stage effects, as it will be definitely something different from the other events they have attended.

It’s in the events company

Finding a specialized events company makes all the difference. Your corporate event can go a long way with the help of an all rounded team that can handle the conceptualization, planning, and implementation of your event. If you want to have a memorable yet trendy corporate event, you should partner with a team that drives creativity and passion in the execution. Events Architects is true to their mission in making corporate events a dream come true. From the design phase down to the actual event and production management, their team of professionals can transform a simple gathering into a treasured memory.